We are medical exam books, publishers in Kerala, India. Years before, it was an oral exam (VIVA Exam) for all medical candidates who wish to work in these gulf countries. The probability of getting a job was not that much difficult. But, most of the aspirants don’t know how to prepare, what to study to get through it. There the beginning story of “Rapid Access Guide.” We have started collecting oral questions for a couple of subjects and began helping candidates. It was a bunch of papers without any binding. Time passes by, we changed our style, moved to the spiral binding. Now you can see our original book with binding. We have gone through challenging pathways to get the right material for these exams. But now we have our doctors who are collecting, writing materials, and verifying them. We change the contents of our books every year according to the changes in the question pattern. A couple of years before, Prometric and online CBT Company took over the responsibility for conducting the exam. They followed a multiple choice question pattern, thus we also changed our books accordingly. Now, we have 35 professional books having more than 2000 to 6000 questions each edition, covering all topics, well designed. You can start learning from the Rapid Access Guide for your sure success. Furthermore, we have added Practice tests to all our books for a better practice like real Prometric exams. This will help you to control your exam time, reduce tension while attending the actual exam, and moreover, as old people say “Practice makes a man perfect”.
We wish you all the best.
Best Regards, Team – Rapid Access Guide.

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